Monthly Archives: June 2009

JAAM 27 update

JAAM 27 is progressing along nicely, so it seems like a good time for an update.

Thanks very much to everyone who submitted. You should have heard back from us by now – if you haven’t, your reply will be on its way soon.

We had a record number of submissions this time – guest editor Ingrid Horrocks read her way through at least 400 submissions. This gave her a wealth of things to choose from, but made it hard for her to pare it down to what we can actually print.

As you probably know, the theme for this issue is ‘wandering’. Ingrid’s call for submissions asked for fiction, poetry and non-fiction pieces that dealt with the idea of wandering. ‘As well as work that features literal wanderers and travellers (a mainstay of New Zealand literature) we’re also interested work that wanders – works that digress in creative ways from narrative, argument, or genre.’

This left a wide door open for all kinds of work, approaching the theme from all angles. Some writers were inspired by the theme to write new work, while others submitted pieces they’d already written that fitted the theme. General submissions were also considered.

A wide range of writers will be represented, new and established, young and older, New Zealanders and a few from overseas. I’m particularly excited to hear that there’s going to be more creative non-fiction than we’ve ever had in JAAM before.

We’re aiming to publish in September, but we’ll post more news before then.