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Call for submissions for JAAM 28: DANCEDANCEDANCE

The 28th issue of JAAM, in 2010, will be the DanceDanceDance issue, edited by Clare Needham and Helen Rickerby.

We are looking for:
poetry – short fiction – creative non-fiction – images
Writing that dances – literally, conceptually, metaphorically

Writing about dance – dancing writers – life as a dance

Dance reviews will be considered, as will:
programme notes   –   choreographic poetry
short stories about dancing the fandango on a moonlight night in Ngaio…

Anything, in fact, that can be tied (loose or tight) to our theme…

…if there’s something magic in the way it moves us.

Closing date for submissions: 31 March 2010

For publication in: September 2010.

Please send your work to:



PO Box 25239
Panama Street
Wellington 6146
New Zealand