Two poems from JAAM 27 in Best NZ Poems 2009

Best New Zealand Poems 2009 was published online last week, and I was delighted to find that two poems from JAAM 27 (edited by Ingrid Horrocks) were selected:

Congratulations to those poets, and also all the other poets included.

The editor for 2009 was Robyn Marsack, who is director of the Scottish Poetry Library, and also co-editor of the 2009 anthology Twenty Contemporary New Zealand Poets (Carcanet).

In her introduction she also mentions JAAM: ‘Poets shouldn’t take for granted the handsome New Zealand periodicals – such publications are few and far between here in the north. Landfall, Sport and JAAM suggest a very confident literary culture, and they’re the tip of it – Takahe, Bravado, the online issues such as 4th Floor and Turbine, all create a sense that poets have plenty of ways of getting poems out to readers.’

Woohoo! We’re included in the tip of NZ literary periodicals. How about that.


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