JAAM 30 in a letterbox or bookshop near you

JAAM 30 cover

JAAM 30 cover

We’re very proud to have launched JAAM 30, edited by Anna Jackson and her editorial team of Emily Tehrase, Anna Caro, Louise Burston and Brigid Kelly.  It’s another fabulous issue, with a rich mixture, featuring the work of well-established writers, new writers for whom this is their first publication, and a whole bunch of treasures in between.

Copies for contributors and subscribers have been sent, and should soon arrive in a letterbox near you, if they haven’t already made it. If you’re neither a contributor or subscriber, you can get your paws on your very own copy by subscribing, buying (or ordering) it through your fav local bookshop, or emailing us and buying a single copy for $15 (plus postage if you’re not in New Zealand).

Some of the local contributors gathered for a small but perfectly formed launch yesterday afternoon to see it on its way. We had a few impromptu readings of poetry from the issue, and great deal of celebration. It was lovely to put faces to names of some of the people I knew only through their work, and fabulous to see writers I already knew.

We’re so proud JAAM has made it to 30 issues, over 17 years, and an enormous thank you to everyone who has helped make that happen.

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